Meet Our Team

Profile JE

Josephine Eviston


My vision for my role as project coordinator of Nore Vision is to work with the teams providing services to ensure the collaborative governance framework envisioned by the Nore Vision initiative is firmly established.

Profile MK

Maurice Keane

Zia Consulting Ltd

My Vision for my Governance role in Nore Vision is to help transform a shared vision into a living, sustainable governance structure and strategy, led by a group comprising statutory, voluntary and community organisations engaging with the wider community for the common interest of the river catchment and for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Profile AG

Dr. Amanda Greer


As an ecological consultant, specialising in Invasive Species eradication and control, I am responsible for delivering Envirico’s biodiversity element off the Nore Vision. I have a vested interest in this project as it will have major implications for river quality in the places my family and I call home.

Profile MB

Maura Brennan

KIlkenny Forest School :Slí na Coille

My vision for the Nore catchment is to deliver in-schools programs for seed saving, tree nursery and biodiversity education that encourage communities connect to their local landscape.

Profile PB

Pat Boyd

My vision for the Nore Vision Project is to be part of a team that initiates Supported Community Activation that will deliver cleaner water and healthier rivers through community-based solutions.

Profile PL2

Patrick Lydon

My vision is to empower communities to become guardians of the river catchment through action-based events that target litter management and also celebrates the cultural and natural heritage of the landscape, through the collection of local stories connected to the rivers and woodlands.

Profile HF

Helena Fitzgerald

Helena Fitzgerald Architects

As an architect specialising in the development of local responses to climate change and biodiversity loss, I am guiding the Upland Community Development and Land Use Management element of the Nore Vision project. Following in the footsteps of the Burren Programme where an approach to the environmental management of farm land was developed which rewards farmers for achieving high quality environments on their farms, I have worked on the development of two locally-led results-based agri-environment projects which were funded under Ireland’s RDP 2014-2020. In these projects, farmers work with other stakeholders in developing and implementing an agri-environment scheme tailored to suit their area and their farming system. Through the Nore Vision project, I am looking forward to exploring the potential for a similar approach in the catchment of the River Nore.

Profile DM

Derek McLoughlin

Derek is an agro-ecologist that has been working in the area of ecology from his native Westport, County Mayo since 2003. Derek has extensive experience working on agri-environmental projects including the national GLAS farm agri-environment scheme. Derek has worked as Project Co-ordinator for the Results-based Agri-environmental Pilot Scheme (RBAPS) Project for the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP). He is Assistant Project Manager on the Pearl Mussel Project European Innovation Partnership (EIP). He has extensive experience on the development of results-based agri-environment schemes in Ireland and in other EU member states.'' I must say it has been over 10 years since I have been in the area for any length of time so this might sound phoney, but of course I of course like the people, the hedgerows and woodlands, as a Mayo man - the hurling.

Profile BM

Brendan McSorley

I hail from both sides of the border having been born and raised on a mixed livestock farm in Omagh, Co. Tyrone and now living and raising horses in Danesfort, Co Kilkenny. I have always had a keen interest in all things green, whether that be rewilding my local waterways or mending and releasing wild animals that I had found wounded.  I am working with NoreVision’s group of Citizen scientists to measure water quality through kick sampling across 50 bridges of the catchment. These measurements are then supplied back into a national program for measuring water quality. This project is also pertinent to my research at UCC where along with Dr.Simon Harrison I am researching how Citizen Science can be used to improve the quality of Irelands declining waterways.