Sound of The Nore

Listen below to hear the voices behind the vision.

#1. Ann Marie McSorley and Dr Amanda Greer join Sue Nunn to talk about the Nore Vision Project and the various strands involved in promoting and nurturing the River Nore along its catchment area. The launch of the 1000 Friends of the Nore Campaign is live.

#2. It’s all about the uplands and engaging with farmers whose land skirts the River Nore in this interview with architect Helena Fitzgerald. She is joined by Martin Rafter, Assistant CEO of Kilkenny Leader Partnership who gives an insight into the networks and collaborations which have come about as a result of the Nore Vision Project.

#3. Maurice Keane from Zia Consulting Ltd and Declan Rice CEO of Kilkenny County Leader Partnership explain the plans to leave a lasting structure in place to support all aspects of the River Nore and it’s catchment area under the Nore Vision Project.

#4. Mairead Rohan, Enterprise Officer with Kilkenny Leader Partnership tells us about their role in the Nore Vision Project and Maura Brennan gives us an insight into the Acorn Project and her plan to work with children and teach them about the heritage and living landscape of the woodlands of the Nore.

#5. Harry Everard, Rural Recreation Officer with Kilkenny Leader Partnership and Patrick Lydon and Pat Boyd all involved in the Nore Vision Project share their love, experiences and aims for the River Nore.