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Invasive Species
Identification & Eradication

About the Nore Vision Training In Action Biodiversity Programme - Invasive Species

The Nore Vision Project is a community development Biodiversity programme. It is a locally led initiative, working with 6 localities across the catchment areas along the river Nore.

It aims to promote awareness of the importance of the River Nore for us, the 110,000 residents on the catchment, our children and the generations to come.

The project also aims to animate local working groups to initiate their own projects on the river and via the New River Nore Trust, apply for community based funding to become gatekeepers of their section of the River or it’s tributaries.

This project is an opportunity for everyone to be recognised and rewarded for delivering environmental benefits and use the new Nore River Trust. 

Why not participate in our training programmes?

All programmes will be delivered in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Phase 2. Invasive Species

To-date we have over 60 people signed-up, trained and active in Invasive species management. Now we are moving forward with our advanced training programme, so if you are already involved then stay with us for our advanced training or if you have not yet been involved it is not too late to join us.

All training will be provided in a Covid-19 compliant manner.

Dates & Locations

Training Content
TBC 2021
Follow up HB control
Kilkenny & Thomastown
TBC 2021
Walkover Surveying & Best Practice Ctrl
October 15th 2020
Drone Surveying
Castletown & Ballingarry- COMPLETE
Feb/March 2021
Pesticide User Certification Courses
Apr & May 2021
Further Action Days of IAS Control

Phase 1. Invasive Species

Reasons to get involved

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of our local environment
  • Increase knowledge of the significance of Invasive Species on the Biodiversity  of the River Nore Catchment 
  • Initiate a collective plan to enhance the biodiversity and the value of all the habitats within the catchment 
  • Create a forum and working group to enable  local communities to bring the work forward for the next generation 

Invasive Species


  • Kilkenny City
  • Thomastown/ Bennettsbridge
  • Ballingarry/ Mullinahone
  • Castlecomer
  • Freshford
  • Durrow


email: [email protected] 

phone: Tracy our co-ordinator at 083 0879146