Training In Action Online & On the River

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Join us online as we teach you the skills needed to identify the issues that lead to poor water quality. This engaging course will have real impact in your local area. 

Stage 1:

4 online training sessions to teach you about the animals that live at the bottom of your stream and how recognising them will enable you to measure water quality

Stage 2:

2 field sessions to your local stream for some training in action.

Become a Citizen Scientist with Nore Vision and Dublin City University

About the Nore Vision Training In Action Biodiversity Programme

The Nore Vision Project is a community development Biodiversity programme. It is a locally led initiative, working with 6 localities across the catchment areas along the river Nore.

It aims to promote awareness of the importance of the River Nore for us, the 110,000 residents on the catchment, our children and the generations to come.

The project also aims to animate local working groups to initiate their own projects on the river and via the New River Nore Trust, apply for community based funding to become gatekeepers of their section of the River or it’s tributaries.

Why not get involved and find out about simple and unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment Right Now!

Reasons to get involved

Water – our most valuable natural resource. It is used for drinking, irrigating, producing electricity and producing food. It also sustains many diverse and ecologically important species.

In this training you will increase your understanding and identification of the problems that lead to water quality issues and invasive species problems. Leading to you becoming a citizen scientist and improving your environment.

Water Quality Monitoring



  • 24th Feb
  • 3rdMarch
  • 10th March
  • 24th March
Field Sessions
Dates to be confirmed


email: [email protected] 

phone: Tracy our co-ordinator at 083 0879146