About Us

NoreVision is a statement of the shared aspirations of stakeholders for the future of the River Nore, its tributaries, the land that drains into them, and the people who live and work there.
NoreVision started as a consultation process in 2017, funded by Leader Partnerships in Kilkenny, Laois and South & North Tipperary, was overseen by a voluntary steering group drawn from members of the community including Landowners, Development organisations, Local authorities and Statutory agencies.

The Nore catchment is the source of drinking water, flood control, biodiversity, food and resource production for some 110,000 residents across 2,500 km² in a strong farming region.

Nore Vision is a ‘generational’ initiative with five priorities

Program 2020 Objectives

  • Raise Awareness
  • Build Competency & Understanding
  • Enhance Environment
  • Animate Communities
  • Build Capacity to Manage Trust
  • Education

The final report compiled in 2019 by H Emerson and C Crowley is available below