Oral History

About the Nore Vision Oral History Project

The Nore Vision Project is a community development and land use management training initiative. It is a locally led initiative, working with farmers in 4 catchment areas along the river Nore. It aims to promote awareness of the importance of the River Nore as a salmon spawning ground and preservation of the Freshwater Pear Mussel. By building relationships with landowners and working with them to outline a vision for a Blue Catchment, it will further develop positive farming, hedgerow and woodland practices in the area.

The project also aims to animate upland communities of the Nore catchment and develop pathways to positive land management.

This project is an opportunity for everyone to be recognised and rewarded for delivering environmental benefits and use the new Nore River Trust and it’s collaborative Upland’s Farmers Working Group to identify needs and investigate the development of an Environmental Improvement Scheme for the catchment.

Oral History Schedule:



Date and Times



August 20th Completed
September 10th



September 21st

Personal livelihoods

Thomastown November 11th


Durrow October 14th



October 28th

Pollution – Degradation

Kilkenny November 25th

Industry and Energy


December 9th

Reasons to get involved

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of our local environment
  • Increase awareness of the environmental value of farmland
  • Increase knowledge of the significance of the River Nore and its species ie FreshWater Pearl Mussel, Salmon, Otters, Kingfishers
  • Initiate a collective plan to enhance the biodiversity and the value of all the habitats within the catchment eg riverside, hedgerows, meadows
  • Create a forum and working group to enable local farmers to have a platform to develop Environmental Enhancement Projects for funding their farming enterprises in an alternative way

Beside The Nore

Oral History


  • Castlecomer
  • Ballingarry
  • Kilkenny City
  • Durrow
  • Clonakenny
  • Thomastown
  • Kilkenny
  • Bennetsbridge


Start Date: 20/08/2020

End Date: December


email: info@norevision.ie 

phone: Josephine our co-ordinator at 0896124914

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