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Biodiversity Walks

About the Nore

The River Nore and it’s tributaries are home to  a wide variety of habitats. from deciduous woodlands to ponds and small streams. These habitats are home to a vast array of flora and fauna from our native species to those introduced over the centuries to the more recent arrivals.

While much of our flora and fauna continues to flourish some has had significant pressures from habitat loss, pollution, changes in agricultural practices and development over the last 50-6- years. There are pressures too from invasive species and to a certain degree climate change. The habitats along the catchment vary from upland pasture in the Devils Bit to estuarine below Inistioge in South Kilkenny.


The walks will be led by ecologists and they will share their knowledge as you explore the river and its surroundings. The topics covered will include

  • Habitats of the Nore Catchment
  • Flora and Fauna
  • How to identify species of plant and animal
  • Species under threat and what we can do to help, data recording
  • Bat and Bird walks and talks

Walking Plan

We plan to run the walks on Wednesday mornings (3k) and Saturday mornings (5k) to facilitate people whatever their circumstances are. Ireland is beautiful when the sun shines but in case it doesn’t make sure you wrap up warm, Wear footwear appropriate for walking and bring some water to stay hydrated.

Reasons to get involved

We want to encourage people to get out into nature and learn at the same time. In locations across Kilkenny and Laois you will get the opportunity to exercise and learn with a group of people who share a common interest. 



  • Kilkenny 
  • Laois


email: info@norevision.ie 

phone: Josephine our co-ordinator at 0896124914